Event Research, Bid Proposals & Presentation

The Augusta Sports Council (ASC) often partners for event bids with our community sports groups (CSGs). Local CSG partners can range from the very experienced incorporated 501C organizations to newly formed groups of sport enthusiasts. The ASC can take the lead in bidding and presenting to sanctioning bodies or events owners.

Budget Preparation

Our team can assist event owners in identifying all local expenses, provide local fundraising guidance and often secure in-kind support to alleviate event-related expenses. Local host organizations may qualify for sports development sponsorship funds.

LOC Structuring 

The ASC will often coordinate and serve as the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for secured sporting events. The LOC offers management and knowledge of all event areas and is essential for seamless planning.

Event Sponsorship

The team at the ASC can assist an event owner in outlining the proper sponsorship program for your event. Assistance can be provided to help determine sponsor targets, design proposals and create sponsor benefits.

Accommodations Support 

The ASC works in tandem with the Augusta Convention and Visitors Bureau to secure housing, maps, dining and shopping information along with additional visitor services. 

Media Relations 

Maintaining consistent relationships with local media (radio, print and television) has allowed the ASC to develop positive and supportive coverage of local events. The media is typically the first in-kind partner secured for events to ensure proper event promotion and coverage. The ASC can offer feature ideas or personal stories to suggest to the media for advanced coverage.

City/County Relations 

The ASC works closely with multiple county and government agencies and has the contacts for necessary permits and city services. The right agency contact is key to efficient planning. Ensuring all authorities are informed and supporting the event reduces last minute conflicts on event day.

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